Simple Steps to Renew Your Car Registration in Dubai

If you need to renew your car registration soon, then you need to be aware of the following points and steps:

Your Complete Guide for Renewing Your Car Registration in Dubai

If you are a new car owner so you can enjoy two years of not renewing your car. Otherwise, you would need to renew it annually.

Pay your fines

You shouldn’t have any unpaid fines or black points in order to renew your car registration. If you need to check the fines you have, you can pay them online through Dubai Police’s Website.

Renew your Car Insurance

You need to have a valid insurance policy to renew your car registration. If you are looking for a great coverage and affordable prices, you can compare car insurance policies through

Tip: Your renewed car insurance policy should be shown on the RTA system before renewing your car registration. You may check it out online before heading to Tasjeel.

Get your car test certificate

Visit one of the RTA Tasjeel or ADNOC vehicle testing centers to have your car tested and you should get the passing certificate to get your car registration renewed. It costs around AED 170 and is valid for 30 days so if you car did not pass the test, you have 30 days to fix the damages and do the test again without paying.

Documents you need to renew your car registration:

  1. Emirates ID
  2. Driving license
  3. Renewed car insurance policy
  4. Old registration card
  5. Passed car test certificate

After having everything in place, you may head out to the closest Tasjeel branch or renew it online.

If you are in a hurry, you may go to one of the registration center, pay AED 350 and pick up your new car registration card and expiry date sticker.

If you are looking for your convenience, you can renew your car registration online and pay the delivery fees of AED 25 and you will receive it in a couple of days.